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The book entitled "Opening To Abundance: A 31-Day Process Of Self-Discovery" provides a one-month-long series of daily meditations examining the reader's beliefs and perspectives about living an abundant life. Each of the main chapters in this down-to-earth book include a Pathwork Guide quote, an inspirational story based on the real-life experience of people known by the author, plus a series of personal questions for meditation and journal work. The book provides a practical way for busy people to quickly bring a deeper understanding to the disempowering ways that they are living their lives, as well as a practical way for these same people to see how they might live their lives more constructively. To read comments about this book posted on click here. To purchase a copy of this book, click here.

Table Of Contents

  1. Using And Benefiting From This Book
  2. Conducting An Abundance Consciousness Litmus Test
  3. Understanding The Power Of Your Beliefs
  4. Owning Your Ability To Create
  5. Adopting An Intention To Change
  6. Overcoming Fear Of Movement
  7. Letting Go Of Control
  8. Committing To Follow Divine Will
  9. Rebalancing Giving And Receiving
  10. Believing Life Will Provide What's Needed
  11. Envisioning An Unimpeded Life
  12. Understanding Wishful Daydreaming
  13. Getting Clear About Your Intentions
  14. Overcoming Negative Pleasure
  15. Transitioning From A No-Current To A Yes-Current
  16. Understanding Your Idealized Self Image
  17. Releasing Perfectionism
  18. Overcoming Negative Beliefs
  19. Dealing With Impatience
  20. Cultivating Receptivity To God's Will
  21. Viewing Problems And Difficulties As Gifts
  22. Opening To The Benign Nature Of Life
  23. Understanding Life's Feedback
  24. Feeling All Your Feelings
  25. Believing In Your Own Potentials
  26. Transforming Duality Into Unity
  27. Feeling Your Gratitude
  28. Releasing Victimization And Hopelessness
  29. Taking Personal Responsibility
  30. Dropping Blame
  31. Using Positive Aggression
  32. Finding Strength To Change Your Life
  33. Understanding You Have Everything You Need
  34. Discovering The Pathwork Community
  35. Researching Specific Lecture References
  36. Meditation For Three Voices

"I unequivocally recommend this work to every seeker of inner and outer truth."
-- Pat Rodegast
Author of the Emannuel Books

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