What   Happens   During
A   Pathwork   Session

Before the first Pathwork session, a worker (client) will need to have completed an initial free no-obligation discussion with the helper (Charles Cresson Wood). This initial discussion could take place in person or over the phone. This discussion covers the issues the worker wishes to address, the worker's history of engagement in personal transformation work, specific logistical needs of the worker, as well as the creation of a confidential and safe space in which to do the personal work. After this initial discussion, the helper will physically deliver a copy of the helper/worker agreement to the worker, by regular snail mail or email. A signed copy of this agreement is required before the Pathwork sessions actually get underway.

In these sessions, we enter into a private space where anything can be said, where any truth can be revealed, where any feeling can be felt, where any feeling can be expressed. This private space will enable us to deeply pursue a resolution of those matters troubling the worker. After a brief attunement to begin the session, most of our interaction will take the form of a personal conversation. Occasionally we will include emotional release work, psychodrama, and other methods if and only if they directly contribute to the worker's personal process. At the end of each of our one-hour sessions, we will jointly prepare a set of notes that summarize the essential spiritual and psychological issues that we covered, as well as the suggested next steps. Since workers are often in an altered space at the end of a session, these notes provide an important reference that assists with efforts to remember the essence of their sessions. After a session has been completed, many workers feel deeply enlivened, considerably more optimistic, more in touch with their own responsibility in the creation of troublesome situations, and more empowered to make constructive changes in their lives.

For more information about what goes on in a session, the number of sessions that might be needed in order to come to terms with a particular issue, the ways in which the Pathwork can compliment other therapies or treatments, and/or any other considerations that might impede the accomplishment of a worker's personal spiritual and psychological goals, contact Charles directly by phone or email. Please note that Pathwork is not a replacement for psychotherapy or psychoanalysis, and workers who are currently receiving these treatments should not, and need not, abandon them so that they can engage with the Pathwork process. For further information about the Pathwork process pursued in conjunction with other types of therapy, see the Disclaimer Page on this web site (click here).

"You must know and believe that you have the right and the ability to mold and create substance with your mind. You may never have even thought of this possibility, so now when you examine your attitude, you may find that you strongly doubt that you can do it. Accept this possibility as a hypothesis to begin with, until you know that it is indeed true." -- Pathwork lecture 194

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