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The following text is excerpted from "Opening To Abundance: A 31-Day Process Of Self-Discovery" by Charles Cresson Wood, published by Pathwork Press (copyright, all rights reserved 2004). To review comments about the book posted on, click here. To purchase a copy of the book, click here.

Chapter 11

Envisioning An Unimpeded Life

Pathwork Guide Quote

"Do an exercise in trust in which you open yourself to the possibility that the universe will yield whatever you need. Experiment for the moment with the thought: "How would it be if I were to trust the universe? If in this particular situation I gave up the fear that comes from my distrust, and therefore from pride and self-will? Allow your central core to fill you with an inkling of a state in which you can react without self-will, pride, and fear." (L203/P11)


I feel the supportive nature of life, where nothing needs to be feared, where I am being guided to the work I must do in order to materialize a life of fulfillment.

Michelle's Story

It had been two years since Michelle had gone through a painful divorce, and her ex-husband was madly in love with another woman. She felt unlovable because she was not in a passionate and deep relationship with a man. She had gone through several boyfriends in an effort not to be alone, in order not to feel the emptiness inside herself. But none of these men were the one she felt she was meant to be with. In her desperation to be in relationship, she was too quick to say yes to men that just happened to come into her life. Her pride wanted her to look good, to be in a relationship with an attractive man, so that she would feel like she was a desirable woman. Her fear spoke to her as self-doubts, making her worry that she was not in fact lovable. Her self-will said that she had to be in such a relationship, that she was nobody without a man. She was surprised to see these tightly-held attitudes and beliefs inside herself, and she then realized that they were the reasons she had not been able to bring love and happiness into her life. Through individual counseling sessions with a spiritual teacher, she did more deep work to understand and accept her pride, her self-will, and her fear. This allowed her to relax into a new state where she trusted the universe, where she could allow life to give to her what she deserved. At this same time she realized that her happiness was not generated by external factors, but that she needed to take responsibility for generating her own happiness. She decided to put God's will above her own. In the process of releasing her desperation, she could feel the joy and fullness already present in her life. She appreciated that she had much to be thankful for, including a great son, a good job, a number of close friends, and a wonderful community. She felt how fulfilling her life was even though she still longed for relationship. About three months later a man who was not only excited to be with her, but who saw and appreciated her on many levels, came into her life. In this relationship, she experienced a deeper love, joy, and pleasure than she had ever imagined possible.

Questions For Meditation And Journal Work

  1. Are you waiting for good feelings to be created by outside circumstances or by other people? Or are you generating your own good feelings, self-esteem, and self-love?

  2. Can you envision yourself in a state where your sought after fulfillment is manifested, where you are not forcefully willing this manifestation? Can you envision this scene in a way where you are neither directed by your self-will nor exploited by others, where you assert yourself, but also let go and give in to the truth?

  3. Have you been trying to do everything to manifest your sought-after goal? Could you instead act like a gardener, establishing the right conditions for seeds to grow, and trusting that nature (or God) will do the rest? Could establishing the right conditions in this case involve clearing away your internal blocks?

  4. If you don't get exactly what you want, delivered the way you want it, right now, does this feel like you have lost? Could you still win if you got something else instead, perhaps something that was better than your originally sought-after fulfillment?

  5. Imagine that the universal forces (God) flow through you in an unimpeded way, that every breath is a prayer, and that every action you take is an expression of love, truth, purposefulness, and creativity. When it comes to your life, what might be getting in the way of living like this?

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