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Charles Cresson Wood is not a licensed or board certified psychologist, psychotherapist, physician or medical doctor. No medical advice is given and no promises are made regarding the diagnosis, treatment or cure of any conditions. The services that Charles provides are not offered as a replacement or substitute for conventional psychotherapeutic or medical treatment. Persons with psychological or physical illness that requires attention from a medical doctor, psychologist, or psychotherapist should contact these licensed practitioners. Nothing on this web site should be viewed as providing therapeutic advice, and no formal therapeutic relationship between Charles Cresson Wood and those viewing this web site is either intended or implied.

If you are considering entering into one or more sessions of Pathwork process work with Charles, you will be asked to sign an agreement that documents your understanding about the nature of the Pathwork, as well as securing Charles from any and all legal claims against him in this regard. Please note that Charles makes no warranty whatsoever, express or implied, regarding the nature of the Pathwork process, the results of going through the Pathwork process, or a specific individual's experience of the Pathwork process. The information found on this web site is provided for educational and informational purposes only, and it does not constitute a legally-binding contract, nor does it constitute an offer to enter into a legally-binding contract.

The inclusion of links on this web site does not constitute an endorsement by Charles Cresson Wood, nor is any representation made about the nature of the information found on linked web pages. Charles accepts no liability whatsoever for any statements appearing these linked web pages. The information found on this web site has been proofread and reviewed by others, but Charles Cresson Wood does not guarantee that it is correct. Individuals wishing to enter into the Pathwork process with Charles need to perform their own due diligence efforts to determine the correctness of the information appearing on this site, as well as to determine whether the Pathwork process is appropriate for them given their current situation.

Charles follows a strict code of conduct published by the Pathwork Helpers Association of North America (PHANA). Prospective workers (clients) who wish to acquaint themselves with this code of conduct can view the code by clicking here. Topics covered by this code of conduct include privacy and confidentiality of the sessions, protections against the exploitation of the helper/worker relationship, and the need for the helper to pursue his own personal work on an on-going basis.

In keeping with both the PHANA code of conduct and the helper/worker agreement, Charles will under no circumstances discuss any part of a worker's session with outside third parties, unless one or more of these exceptions exist (1) reference to the worker's session takes place within Charles' own confidential session with his helpership supervisor, and the intention of this reference is to clear personal matters that may impede Charles' work with the involved worker, (2) Charles has received written permission from the worker to disclose certain details to specified third parties, (3) Charles has been ordered by a court of law to release this information, or (4) Charles reasonably suspects that the worker may cause physical harm to him- or herself or to others.

As with any alternative methodology, prospective workers should take the time to familiarize themselves with the structure and standards of this practice called Pathwork, so as to avoid making unjustified assumptions and/or reaching unrealistic conclusions about the nature of the Pathwork. Prospective workers who have questions or concerns about the Pathwork process are invited to contact Charles directly.

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