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"I had the pleasure of working with Charles Cresson Wood for approximately three years and highly recommend him as a Pathwork helper. I found Charles to be extremely well-versed in the Pathwork lectures. He would often recommend the perfect lecture that was related to a circumstance I was dealing with in my life. I felt that Charles always came from a place of deep love and commitment to my spiritual awakening. I appreciated his gentle, supportive way of being, and always felt completely open to sharing my truth with him. Charles brings empathy, compassion and wisdom to his work as a helper. I highly recommend him based on my personal experience these past three years."
-- Esther Wright
Author of "The Heart And Wisdom Of Teaching," and "Good Morning Class I Love You"

"Pathwork has been an empowering process for me that started by reading the lectures of the Guide given through Eva Pierrakos. But it is the Pathwork Helper relationship with Charles Cresson Wood that has really accelerated my integration of the Pathwork principles. His counsel and gentle steering have guided my steps these last two years, enabling me to really make profound progress on my Pathwork. Charles has an insight that gently guides his words like a surgeon, helping cut away those obstacles on the path that keep us from experiencing our authentic natural self. I have used therapy, counseling, and a myriad of personal growth techniques in my life; but it is the work with Charles that has most liberated me and inspired and enabled me to actualize the Pathwork teachings. I am confident that Charles is a master at this and can help anyone who sincerely wants to apply Pathwork in their life. I guarantee you, if you are serious about enlightenment in this lifetime, Charles Cresson Wood will help keep your feet on that path and manifest it."
-- Neriah Lothamer
Author of "Dancing In The Shadow Of Tyranny, An Activist's Guide To Inner Disarmament," and co-author of "Healing Our Planet, Healing Our Selves; The Power Of Change Within To Change The World"

"The miracle of truth was exquisitely experienced in today's Pathwork session. The feelings that had their debut fearlessly in our session began a whole new understanding of love, and a humble peace that has not been present for the entirety of my life or ever between my wife and myself. I am on my knees to God and to His devoted servant, Charles Cresson Wood. I cannot begin to thank you for this blessing and for the fruit that will come of it. Please know how dearly grateful I am."
-- retired business executive

"Pathwork changed my life. It's the only spiritual practice that ever worked for me. And it's still working. It was not an overnight thing, but the books made so much sense, I felt motivated to practice. Charles' clear explanations and gentle encouragement helped me out of my stuck places. Charles is a "real" person: peaceful, energetic, enthusiastic and caring. There is a bigger, better world waiting for all that are willing to make the trip. God bless him and the work he is doing."
-- Korby Sinclaire, property manager, musician and beach bum

"Charles is an extremely intelligent man with a prodigious knowledge of Pathwork. It was remarkable to experience someone put his finger on the exact lecture or Pathwork idea that would help with my particular problem of the day. You will not find a more expert scholar of Pathwork, and one who is truly dedicated to helping."
-- anonymous

"I had read and benefited from the Pathwork lectures prior to working with a Helper, but there is a powerful new dimension to the process since I began working with Charles. I have felt supported spiritually and mightily encouraged to expand my perspectives, creating shifts in both inner and outer worlds that I wouldn't have dreamed possible before. There have been jewels of insights and "aha!" experiences after each session with both the lectures he has noted as pertinent to read and the tasks he has given me in relation to what is going on in my life. It continues to make a significant and valuable difference in how my life is unfolding."
-- C.J., Waldorf teacher

"I must say that private sessions with Charles Cresson Wood were well worth the hour's drive for me to see him! He knew just how to help me to stay on track and get to the heart of the matter. He really helped me delve into the depths of Eva's lectures, observe my own personality's deviant nature, welcome the truth of it, and to guide myself to a higher me. I would love to work with him some more but I have moved to Oregon."
-- C.D., licensed massage therapist

"Charles comes from a place of love and that shines through all of our work together. He is insightful and creative and gently brings me to see a new viewpoint that invariably leads me to new understandings of my inner workings and thought processes. I am confident when I see Charles that I will come away from the session with a new understanding of myself and how I am in the world. I am a more confident and comfortable person with many more tools to use through the tough times thanks to my work with Charles. I would highly recommend working with Charles to anyone who asked."
-- A.F., Realtor®

"After years of unsatisfying love relationships and finally a willingness to look at my part, a friend suggested Pathwork lectures and his helper, Charles. As I began my work with Charles, he helped me to examine my fears and lower self and to start to accept and embrace myself more fully. When the opportunity for love and healthy partnering came into my life, Charles helped me to travel the new terrain encouraging my openness and faith, my honesty and humility, and the practice of meditation for my personal peace and grounding. Over one year later, I am reveling in a beautiful relationship based on trust, truth, vulnerability and faith thanks, in part, to the seeds that were nurtured within me while working with Charles."
-- anonymous client

"The work I have done with Charles has been the most valuable work I have done on myself. This year I felt I needed and wanted to focus on my spiritual growth. I felt that being aware of my actions, and understanding where they came from, was not enough. I have now been working with Charles for almost a year. Throughout this time, I have gone through many experiences, from starting and ending a relationship and all that this implies, to bringing childhood secrets to light, starting a new business, and experiencing chronic fatigue. It has been a process of expanding awareness, learning, and reeducating myself. I have learned many things including: there is such a thing as healthy selfishness, we all long for love, we all fear love, understanding and feeling are equally important, our life can change in a second just by changing ourselves, what we want can be much closer than what we feel and think, and we all need help on our spiritual path. Charles is my helper in this beautiful path through life. I know I have a lot more work to do, but even now I am in a much better state of self-acceptance than ever before. I love the person I am discovering within me -- my real self."
-- C.V., management consultant

"Charles is awesome and brilliant -- a helper who has clearly done his work. He helped me get unstuck in many ways, and provided a context for my relationship with God. I trust him, not just because he is grounded in the Pathwork, but also because he's a good counselor."
-- D.K., professional singer

"Your work on this planet is clear and entirely beneficial to people. We all get stuck and scared and feel alone and it's so important for there to be others available like you to help direct and support!"
-- N.R., professional dancer

"I have started to read your book and am on day [chapter] 6; the effect is already more than I could ever imagine. I have engaged in serious spiritual work for the last 10+ years... I recently purchased your book on the theme of abundance, and finding abundance within myself is very central to my quest...your five questions a day [approach] is having an effect on my vision of life which is deep."
-- B.L., business strategy consultant

"Your calm, centered, kindly focused presence is such a bed rock for creativity. I really appreciate you and all your efforts. You are an inspiration!"
-- E.B., alternative energy consultant

"This is sacred work. Maybe we can acknowledge this in our meetings, so that we all can recognize how important it is to bring our best to it. I was thinking last night and this morning about how I appreciate you, and I want to say that you have provided for me a path that can fulfill my heart's desires for community, skill sharing, meaningful friendships, etc. I can see now (more than ever) how I might be able to unfold and share the treasures I hold in my heart, in my mind and in my hands. Thank you, Charles. My gratitude is profound and still growing."
-- L.H., massage therapist

"You helped us stay connected and listening. I felt completely safe with you leading the group. You were a model for me. I took responsibility for one group when you could not make it, and considered myself fortunate that I had your example."
-- M.O., high school teacher

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