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Benefits Of The Pathwork Process

While each individual will have a unique experience of the Pathwork process, many people report benefits such as:

  • More grounded sense of self-confidence based on a more comprehensive view of one's own life, one's life purpose, and one's issues
  • Lessened fears and anxieties thanks to a greater sense of self-responsibility and a faith in one's ability to resolve problems constructively
  • Greater connection with one's ability to create based on a clear understanding of ways that cause and effect takes place in one's life
  • Deepened capacity to relate to others derived a new perspective about one's impact on others as well as a compassionate sense of what others are going through
  • More satisfaction and many loving expressions in one's relationships due to a new ability to honestly communicate and openly express one's feelings
  • More frequent spontaneous joyous experiences in part due to an ability to accept and surrender to life
  • Experiences of inner peace that come from living a life characterized by both truth and integrity, as well as seeing new solutions to what seemed to be unsolvable problems
  • Enhanced willingness to go beyond previously-held limiting personal beliefs and the gumption to actually test these beliefs in the real world
  • Abiding gratitude for the many blessings in one's life as well as the many opportunities for self-fulfillment

About The Pathwork

The Pathwork is a set of contemporary psychological and spiritual teachings that powerfully assist us in our efforts to learn how to genuinely love others, accept the truth, live a profoundly-authentic life, as well as create the life we have always yearned for. Pathwork fills a deep inner longing that we all have to fundamentally understand why our lives have turned out as they have. The Pathwork helps us to generate our own deeply-meaningful experience of life, to understand our deeper motivations and intentions, and to more readily change so that we can constructively deal with the challenges we face.

Three of the pillars of the Pathwork process are (1) a radical and deep commitment to the truth in all of its manifestations, (2) a willingness to accept self-responsibility for the situations and conditions one has created, and (3) a commitment to unearth and deal with unconscious material (including previously-unfelt feelings and previously-unthought thoughts). The Pathwork involves an embracing and engagement with all parts of the psyche, including the lower self (the unevolved part of us all that is sometimes called child consciousness), the ego (the directive conscious part of us that runs our everyday lives), and the higher self (the already-evolved part of us that is connected to God). The Pathwork process is greatly assisted by regularly reading the lectures because these lectures provide a detailed roadmap of an accelerated personal transformation process.

The Pathwork is not dogmatic and it is compatible with a wide variety of other spiritual practices and religious traditions. To benefit from the Pathwork does not mean that people give up their existing spiritual practice or tradition. Thus there are Jewish Pathworkers, Christian Pathworkers, Buddhist Pathworkers, Hindu Pathworkers, etc. Those who wish to learn more about the Pathwork are urged to read the lecture entitled "What Is The Path?" that can be easily located by clicking here. Those who wish to read more about the Pathwork are urged to read a variety of the lectures, all of which may be individually downloaded for free by clicking here. If you would prefer to read some of the lectures in Spanish rather than English click here.

Biography For Charles Cresson Wood

A graduate of the nine-year Pathwork helper training program offered by the Pathwork of California, Charles has subsequently served as both an Assistant Teacher and an Associate Teacher on the faculty with the Pathwork of California (click here to find out more about Pathwork of California and its educational programs). A serious student of the Pathwork since 1991, he has written a Pathwork book entitled "Opening To Abundance: A 31-Day Process Of Self-Discovery" (published by Pathwork Press in 2004, and available for purchase if you click here). Reviews of Charles' abundance book can be found on (to view them, click here). He now serves on the editorial committee supervising the publication of new Pathwork book entitled "Path To The Real Self," a book that will be included on the next release of the Pathwork lectures on CD-ROM (for more about the CD-ROM, click here). Charles has served on the Pathwork of California Board of Directors for three terms, and has for the last five years been diligently working on the creation of a residential spiritual community for Pathworkers. He is also the moderator for two on-line Pathwork event notification services (if you would like to sign-up for this free service in the San Francisco bay area, click here, or if you would like to sign-up for this free service in the San Diego area, click here).

While Charles has three degrees from an ivy league university, he has come to appreciate that success in life is not a result of formal academic education, that it is instead a reflection of the personal work one does on oneself (which manifests among other ways as emotional intelligence). While Charles has had a twenty-six year career as a high-profile management consultant and author (click here for information about his six other books and over 300 articles), he has more recently sought to go beyond that role so as to make more of a profound contribution. To this end he has been a student of the human potential movement and has actively participated in a variety of spiritual and personal development programs such as Quakerism, Buddhism, Shamanism, The Right Use Of Will, The Seth Material, Lifespring, and Landmark/EST. While each of these programs has merit, nothing has so profoundly and practically spoken to him as the Pathwork. Charles believes that every spiritual and religious tradition has truth in it, and he seeks to integrate the contemporary teachings of the Pathwork with the practices and traditions of his workers (clients). He currently maintains a spiritual counseling practice doing one-on-one Pathwork sessions, couples counseling, and lecture study classes. Workers can pursue the Pathwork process with Charles in person and/or over the phone. He invites prospective workers to call during Pacific Time standard business hours (9AM-5PM) to discuss the ways that he could be of service.

"And if you wish it, you will receive the necessary strength, no matter how busy you are in your life, you will have time, not only to fulfill your duties as you have done before, but infinitely better. And you will have time to enjoy life, but infinitely better too, when you lose the fear and insecurity that constantly lives in your soul and spoils everything for you so much my dear ones. And do not think you will not have the strength to do the necessary work on this path; this strength will be given to you drop by drop for all your needs -- spiritual and material -- if you first make the decision for it and trust that God will give you what you need for it." -- Pathwork lecture 26

Charles Cresson Wood
Pathwork Helper & Life Coach
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